Final call for submissions for #10Questions about PD

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When you’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s it’s a fact that something like your walking or arm swing changed.. that’s just the start but basically it’s safe to say that from the point of diagnosis you learn to adapt, ‘life-adjust’ if you like. So we want you to share your top hacks for an easier life with Parkinson’s.  #hackessibility 

If you could show us how or just describe what it is you do to adapt to life with PD. Video clips as always but feel free if you’d rather to list them below (or both). It can be anything that helps you physically and emotionally with Parkinson’s. It can be anything from tech to exercise, housework to cooking. 

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Episode IX

We asked 10 people with Younger Onset Parkinson’s to answer 10 questions about life with the condition.

Shamsa talks about the realities of #YOPD.